"I had to send a follow up email to thank you for the great training. I have gone to many classes for this type of training in my career and, until yours, they have consistently evoked the same "eye poking, can't wait until it's over" response from me.  It was new and exciting to learn your strategies for working within the existing (though clearly unfair) power dynamics and then focusing on making a difference when you find yourself at a place to do so.  In addition to your thought-provoking exercises and discussion, your acceptance of where everyone in the room was made this a tremendously useful day - it seemed like for all of us. So thank you.  I thought I would be struggling to stay awake and instead I was disappointed when 4 o'clock rolled around!" 

Juli M., Leadership Retreat participant, Dayton, Ohio

"Since our last meeting, I’ve gotten three articles published (or at least accepted for publication) and I've secured a book contract for an anthology, I’m currently working on a proposal for my book and revising two more articles for publication.  I’m hoping to be ready to stand for Full Professor in Fall 2019, and after that, I feel that a lot of options will open up for me. I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with you last year; it really helped jump start my research productivity and made me feel more optimistic about my career! 

Associate Professor, Research intensive state university, USA

"Amanda is incredibly gifted at finding powerful solutions for complex problems. She does this with three rare skills: (1) her ability to truly listen to others, (2) her ability to interpret/assess what she hears with an accuracy that is simply astonishing, and (3) her ability to turn that assessment into a clear plan of action, with meaningful input from co-workers.  I hired Amanda as a career coach and she helped me find simple, behavior-based solutions to problems that had been vexing my entire professional life. I use these solutions on a regular basis, now, and they have helped me to drastically improve my work life. I am now happier and more effective at my job."
Sheryl Banks, Marketing and Community Relations Manager, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, Ohio

"Amanda provided Career Coaching over phone and email during my job search 6 months prior to graduation from Miami University. She was outstanding at asking questions that uncovered my true motivation for wanting a certain job or what motivated me in life. She helped me strategize how to show potential employers that I am an intelligent, hard working, and dedicated young professional ready to be in the workforce. She also helped me become more self-aware and attentive to my language so I could improve my professional speaking skills as well as ways of communicating electronically. With Amanda's coaching, I have achieved consistent results in the form of positive attention from potential employers including email contact, interviews, and job offers."

R.B.A., High School teacher, Ohio​

"Having an external coach has helped me to move beyond the roadblocks and to achieve the goals I have set as a professor. My friends who are professors or family can offer terrific support; however, Amanda Shaffer has helped me to transform many issues because she brings such valued insight as a neutral observer of the situation. In that role, she has helped me sort through issues that can be changed from those that cannot.  The result is that I am better able to distinguish between the two and act accordingly." 

Associate Professor,Research intensive public university, USA

"I was a little hesitant to try something as intimate as coaching over the phone or the internet, but Amanda is great at making a personal connection over digital media. She quickly offered me the right questions to help me approach a professional challenge with confidence and grace.  I so trust her judgment and professionalism that I now refer my clients who need coaching services to her."  

Mistinguette Smith, principal , M Smith Consulting, LLC, Massachusetts

  • Better Business Bureau, Dayton & Miami Valley, OH
  • Caldwell University
  • Campaign Legal Center, DC
  • Cleveland Heights Public Library, OH 
  • The Democracy Collaborative, DC
  • HERS Institute 
  • Hudson County Community College
  • Gannon University
  • Kent State University
  • Metro New York/ Northern Connecticut HERC
  • NJ/ Eastern PA/DE  HERC
  • Physiology & Biophysics, CWRU, OH
  • Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, NJ
  • School of Communication & Information, Rutgers University
  • Swagelock Company, OH
  • Thompson-Hine, LLC, OH
  • University of Mississippi
  • Women's Leadership Collaborative of Dayton, OH
  • WriteSolutions, LLC, NC
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, PA
  • Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, OH
  • YWCA of Cleveland, OH